While we gather together, our children, from infancy to kindergarten, are cared for in well-equipped rooms designed for each age group. Two to three caregivers staff each room. Children aged two and up are instructed in a Bible story and complete a craft. Graham crackers and water are served as snack.

If your child struggles with separation anxiety, we encourage you to speak with a caregiver in the room about your concerns, and then step away and join the other moms. If your child cannot be consoled, you will be contacted. But often a child calms relatively quickly once Mommy makes the first move to confidently entrust her child into the capable hands of the caregivers.

Note that beginning in the 2017-18 year, a MOPS Kids fee will be added to the registration fee to ensure that paid teaching staff is always available. Cost is $20 for one child for the full year, $30 for two, etc.



2 thoughts on “MOPS Kids

  1. Wow! Your group sounds awesome! I have two boys Tommy and Jonathan. They are in kindergarten at a charter school this year. We are a homeschool family. Do you have space for them in your childcare class? Thank you.

    • Hi Sara! Thanks for checking out our MOPS group. Our MOPPETS (childcare) coordinator, Monica Marigny, will be getting in touch with you soon. The classrooms are pretty full this year but we will make every effort to accommodate your boys so you can join us!

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